《Memories...Do Not Open》-The Chainsmokers -Memories...Do_Not_Open

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it’s kinda okay but still not good

by Jonah Varc
Repetitive with such mediocre vocals and a forgettable chorus. The chainsmokers are the most below average EDM duo that exists. There is absolutely nothing special or different about them, and everyone makes a huge deal about them for pretty much no reason. They were good when they weren’t super popular, but now they’re just sellout electronic dance crap. how sad. if this is what people consider good, then the music industry is doomed for sure.

Back off

by GolfBoyXXL
Tired of hearing people say the Chainsmokers make terrible music… seriously. Either you’re jealous or too hipster too admit their songs are both lyrically deep and astonishingly catchy. That’s my two sense. Love these guys and everything they put out.

they’re ripping themselves off

by maxj13.👏🏼
do people not realize the drop is literally the exact same one from “Roses”? it’s kind of crazy to think they’re willing to rip themselves off to give them another hit

《Memories...Do Not Open》-The Chainsmokers -the-chainsmokers-the-one 《Memories...Do Not Open》-The Chainsmokers -the-chainsmokers-1 《Memories...Do Not Open》-The Chainsmokers -the-chainsmokers-3


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